Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Goody goody two-shows a.k.a. be a rebel.

The goody goody two-shoes article speaks of traits that make one a good writer. The author heavily emphasizes that in order to become a great writer one must not set up rules to live by. By that she means that one cannot write passionately if it is simply looked at like a chore. In a since this is true, if you think of any goal you accomplished successfully in the past. Whether that be losing weight, creating a great song, performing better at work ect. You put more of yourself into that goal then mindless-daily practice. For myself, I had lost 115 pounds within the last year and a half and people ask me, "How often do you work out?" or "What type of diet have you been on?" I look at them and say "It is all in the mind set. If you view diet and exercise as a chore you will eventually look for excuses as to why you should stop the whole process."

Although, just to play devils advocate, there are pros to the boring day to day practice approach of becoming a successful writer. As the saying goes "The first step to becoming sort of good at something is start out by being really bad at it." With that in mind one cannot become a vivid storyteller without going through practice sessions.

Ultimately, I see that both sides have value to them and I think the best example that employees passionate writing with daily practice would be a news writer. On a daily basis, they are going out into the world to find new exciting evidence towards a case or some sort of crisis to inform the public. while having the time to write about it everyday.

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  1. I like where you are headed in this post; you pick up on some interesting threads in the article - maybe there is no one right way. Nice reference to a personal experience (quite the achievement btw). Keep working on making those connections for yourself and your reader.