Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Day two: Choosing a different face.

Being asked to make a video of myself for an interview already sounds strange. I have never been asked to do this for other interviews before, but than again this is for the big leagues. They ask for me to make a video of myself answering three questions: What is my favorite scene in my favorite movie, what has been my best experience in a retail store or restaurant, and how to make my favorite sandwich. At first I was bit skeptical, but it could be fun so I went ahead and filmed it. Looking back at the video after submitting it seemed obvious how much of a different face I have become. Once I clicked play I could already hear a fake personality in the video. The sound of  a wanna be Jersey Shore boy took place of my original voice. All I could think to myself is that I am ashamed of showing who I am. The true me, someone who cannot stand the east coast attitude. The persona of who can wear the tightest tap out shirt while having the biggest slut in the club grind on my junk. Perhaps that is just myself in corporate survival mode, sub-consciously giving myself an accent to make myself stand out from other candidates. It could be that is my true self but refuse to believe it and am in denial. Either way, this brought me the next phase of the interview process, which will lead me to my favorite city. Seattle.  

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