Friday, February 13, 2015

Memoir: thoughts and objectives.

In writing this memoir of my friends drug addiction. I hope to find closer in myself, I helped him as best I could but there was much more I could have done. It is important to be there for friends and I do not believe in ever abandoning them. We all have our own issues and problems in life, sometimes it is extremely difficult to coop with them. It can bring us to rock bottom and completely ruin our potential in becoming our best self. I believe that part of becoming one's best self is to be supported by friends and family. Without having others to help push you forward can kill your motivation and confidence. Without that why do anything. 

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Memoir Ideas

1.Lolzy relationship
My first real platonic relationship with a girl the way we acted toward each other was historical we would make groups of kids laugh through comedic dialogue and antics.

2. Roadie for an indie band
My days during my junior and senior year of high school were spent helping my friend’s band Drawing Mountains lift heavy objects and be a part of their entourage.

3. Construction by hippies
Part of my senior year in high school was spent romping around the woods and building tee pees(I do have photos to go along) it brought all of our friends together and created many adventures with it along with some interesting finds.

4. Friends Drug Addition.
While in high school my best had gotten heavily addicted to opiates. His home life was a mess with his mom being an alcoholic and having an abusive father he had to find an escape somehow.   

5. Suicide Attempt

During my junior year of high school I was prescribed Adderall to help with my studies since I was failing miserably in high school. This drug completely back fired and instead of focusing on my studies that energy was spent negative things about me. Even though I told my parents how I was feeling they force fed me the drug anyways. Eventually one thing led to another.