Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Communication as writing as writing communicates.

"Writing as self-revelation" discusses in the passage of "communication as writing" is altered by the fact that we are worried about criticism in our writing. When growing up and going through grade school we are constantly graded on our performance. In other words we feel our written form of expression is judged by our teachers as either a good form of expression or a bad form of expression.

Going through high school I remember purposely failing English class due to my fear of my self expression as being judged as good or bad. Sadly, I couldn't pass high school with out it; so, I ended up creating a filter. A filter that directed my thoughts and ideas towards what the teacher wanted to hear, rather than having my authenticity be involved.  Truly, this is normal in terms of social dynamics. We create this filters in order to protect our positive face when communicating with others. So we create a work filter, school filter, dating filter, friend filer ect. these filters are a good thing for they prevent us from saying something highly inappropriate at work that could possibly get us fired and ruining our lively hood.  However, filters limit do ourselves because we are simply not putting our true selves into each piece that we write; because once we remove all these filters and show our original self is when we can become limitless.

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  1. Good exploration of filters. Does the ability to be anonymous make the difference? What if we have confidence that are readers can't find our writing or can't reveal our identity?