Friday, January 23, 2015

Day four: Success.

Hearing the sound of my alarm today made it seem like a typical day. Walking in I could already feel the cringe go down my spine that comes with the smell of rotten milk. As the day went day everything was the same. Stocking selves, helping our guest, and selling red cards. It was not until I was on break I received a call from ghost rocket music saying that they wanted to meet me in person for an interview, but they could only meet today. So, once I punched out I drove like a crack head who just got word of someone selling. When I arrived I kicked my door open and ripped off my cloches to replace them with the adequate interview clothes. I proceeded to drive like a madman to the location where we would meet. It was not until I arrived when I realized how odd this seemed. The building we were meeting at was not far at all but  I looked around and saw that the houses close by had boarded up windows and looked run down. I figured that if I died I would not be in retail anymore. So, I called back the number that he called on he came out to greet me. We went up the stairs to his loft where he was conducting all his interviews as there was no office space. We talked for while and he thought I would make a good fit. So he offered me a position as a producer/marketing assistant at ghost rocket music. He said I would just be helping musicians produce music and help them sell it.

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