Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Personal Blog #8: Using ethos, logos & pathos.

In the community persuasion post I attempted persuade my audience to help keep the earth clean.

Ethos-I tried to become relate-able to my crowd by stating how together we can clean this earth together. Also by revealing my ecological foot print of how many earths it takes to support my life style. I included sources for all of my claims.

Logos-I made my reasoning very decisive and logical. I provided simple solutions such as "Using public transportation will decrease air pollution."

Pathos-The overall tone of the persuasion was to make it appear possible for us as a whole to clean up earth. Overall if someone did not want to par-take in clean earth they would feel bad about it. I mention how convenient it is to keep this earth clean. So if someone did not par-take they would feel lazy.

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